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L'Ecole de la Bourse: 21 years of serving financial education

Knowledge of stock market mechanisms is an essential element for a better understanding of the stock and financial markets. Training allows participants to acquire basic notions on the principles of the stock market, to deepen their knowledge and to discover new approaches in this field. Established in 2000 by the Casablanca Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange School is the leader in stock market training for the general public in Morocco. With its successful pedagogy, the Stock Exchange School is one of the main references in terms of popularization of the stock market and development of financial education, a major priority of the Casablanca Stock Exchange. The Stock Exchange School is located at the headquarters of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, avenue des Forces Armées Royales corner, Errachid Mohammed Street, 20000 Casablanca.   

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Objectives of the Ecole de la Bourse


Promote the stock market


Develop financial education


Provide investors with the basic means and tools to understand the stock market


Upgrade the knowledge of a diverse target population

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Range of training courses offered by the Ecole de la Bourse

The Ecole de la Bourse provides its training through three concepts: in-person courses, e-learning courses and the new certified course in finance (CISI). Thus, among these three programs, the number of people trained by the Ecole de la Bourse amounts to nearly 80,000 since its establishment in 2000. The trainees belong to various socio-professional categories (schoolchildren, high school students, students, corporate employees, investors, professionals, savers, retirees, etc.).

in-person Courses

E-learning Courses

Certified Finance Courses

Our Activities


The Stock Exchange School organized training sessions on stock exchange concepts through "The Stock Exchange Days", exclusively intended for bank executives at the national level. The editions of the Stock Exchange Days were marked by a strong interest and a notable involvement of the partners. Indeed, 1300 banking executives, belonging to 8 banks in 7 different regions of Morocco, attended these meetings. The objective is to be able, on the one hand, to promote the creation of an alliance "Casablanca Stock Exchange - Partner Banks" as well as to offer professionals the necessary tools to fully execute their role and mission of training on the stock market.


The Ecole de la Bourse also supports private companies and public administrations that have taken the initiative to provide training for their employees and staff. 

Thus, several Investor Workshops were held within this framework, under several themes. 

These workshops were attended by nearly 9,000 people, including: 

  • Officers of the Police Royal Academy, under the Directorate of National Security ; 
  • National and foreign diplomats from the Moroccan Academy of Diplomatic Studies under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation; 
  • Auditors/magistrates of the training center for financial jurisdictions of the Court of Audit; 
  • Lawyers from the Bar Association;
  • Magistrates from the Higher Institute of the Magistracy under the Ministry of Justice; 
  • OCP executives and other professionals from the city of Laayoune, as well as business leaders of the same city;
  • Executives and economic agents of the investment center of El Jadida, Safi, Kenitra and Fez;

The Stock Exchange School has been participating since 2012 in "Finance Week for Children", an event co-organized by the "Moroccan Foundation for Financial Education" (FMEF), Bank Al Maghrib in partnership with Global Money Week and its partners (including the Casablanca Stock Exchange).

The purpose of this event is to familiarize young audiences with basic financial concepts.

Over the period from 2012 to 2020, nearly 6,000 beneficiaries across several cities in Morocco have participated in this event."


Les Champions de la Bourse

The Stock Exchange Championship is an Inter and Intra Schools and Universities Tournament in Morocco that is part of the outreach activities of the Casablanca Stock Exchange through the Stock Exchange School.

Organized as a national and regional competition, the Championship allows thousands of participants to manage a fictional portfolio of shares worth one million dirhams under virtually real market conditions, through a platform. 

The objective of the Championship of the Stock Market is to debunk the myths about the stock market, its functioning and its jargon in a fun and entertaining way, as well as to introduce candidates to portfolio management in quasi-real market conditions.

The four editions of the Stock Exchange Championship have recorded an increasing number of candidates: (see Results/Site CdB), becoming one of the most important events of the Moroccan financial sector.