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Last modified date : 07/10/2020


Acting as the Financial Market Authority, the AMMC was established by “Dahir”, (Royal Decree) establishing Law No. 1-13-21 bearing Law No.43-12 and whose mission is to:

  • Ensure the protection of savings invested in financial instruments;
  • Ensure equal treatment of investors, transparency and integrity of the capital market and of the investors information;
  • Ensure proper functioning of the capital market and ensure the implementation of legislative and regulatory provisions;
  • Ensure control of the activity of different organizations and persons subject to its control;
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to the fight against money laundering by individuals and institutions  subject to its control;
  • Contribute to promoting  financial education for savers;
  • Assist the government in the regulation of the capital market.

Contact details

Annakhil Street, Hay Riad -Rabat, Morocco
+ (212) 537 68 89 00
+ (212) 537 68 89 46


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