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Last modified date : 18/02/2015

Fact Sheet

  Presentation :
  The Casablanca Stock Exchange is a joint stock company (“société anonyme”) with a board of directors and a general management.
Reporting to the Ministry of Finance and Privatisation, the Casablanca Stock Exchange operates under well-defined Terms of Reference and complies with rules defined in a set of rules known as General Rules.

  Mission :
  Its mission consists in ensuring the running, growth and promotion of the Moroccan stock market by:

Monitoring and managing trading sessions ;
Publishing and disseminating market information ;
 Providing assistance to issuers in the listing of their securities and in the execution of their financial transactions ;
Intervening to ensure successful transaction completion between the various parties ;
Guaranteeing that transactions are cleared in the event of default by some intermediary.

  Shareholders :
  On June 30, 2009, the Casablanca Stock Exchange’s share capital totalled MAD 19.020.800, jointly-owned by the seventeen brokerage firms operating in the marketplace.



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