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Last modified date : 18/07/2014



IPO fees

When your company is listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, you will have to pay IPO fees of 0.10% ex. VAT.
Subscribers will also have to pay these fees.

Annual listing fees

 Share capital at 31/12/Y-1

Parties concerned

Annual fees (excl. VAT)

Less than MAD100m   Issuer   MAD 5,000
MAD100-200m Issuer MAD 10 000
More than MAD100m   Issuer   MAD 15 000


IPO fees

IPO fees in the bond market are 0.05% ex. VAT, payable by the issuer and subscribers and are limited to a maximum MAD 10,000 ex. VAT for each party.

Annual listing fees

Once the bond is listed, the corporate issuer must pay annual listing fees as follows:

 Amount due at 31/12/Y-1

Fees ex. VAT (*)

Maximum per issuer ex. VAT

Less than MAD100m   MAD 2,500   MAD 50,000
MAD100-500m MAD 7,500 MAD 50,000
More than MAD500m   MAD 15,000   MAD 50,000

(*) : VAT payable on trades at the Casablanca Stock Exchange has risen from 7% to 10% in accordance with Article 101 of the Finance Law Number 35-05 for 2006.



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