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Last modified date : 06/08/2013

The Stock Exchange School

The Stock Exchange School
You are a student, a financial reporter or an investor or you are simply interested in the stock market and want to learn more? The Casablanca Stock Exchange has a dedicated training centre – The Stock Exchange School. Please visit our stock exchange school on the following link: www.ecole-bourse.ma
What is the stock exchange school?
The Stock Exchange School is an in-house entity of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, which offers more than fifty training programs annually to interested parties. Modern training methods are used and assistance is provided.
What type of training is offered?
Thanks to its training program for the general public, the Stock Exchange School targets those with an interest in the stock market, including students, existing or potential investors and self-employed persons. 
The stock exchange school is supported by a network formed by experienced trainers who are recognized for their expertise in financial markets. Academics or professionals of the market, their experience allows them to propose an educational approach adapted to the various profiles for trainees.
What are the proposed trainings?
To consult the our different themes, click on the following address http://www.ecole-bourse.ma/nos-formations
How register the School of stock exchange?
To register for the seminars of the School of the stock exchange you need to have an account. Create your account on the web-site for free by clicking on: http://www.ecole-bourse.ma/user/register
Or contact directly the School of the stock exchange by telephone (212) 522 45 26 26/27
How much does it cost to sign-up for seminars at the Stock Exchange School?
The training sessions of the school of the Stock Exchange are free of charge and open to each and everyone.

The Stock Exchange School reserves the right to cancel or postpone training sessions if there is an insufficient number of participants. The people that registered for the sessions will be informed as soon as possible of the date(s) of the rescheduled training sessions.




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