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Last modified date : 15/08/2013

Investing in the stock market

To be a successful investor, you only need to know and apply a few essential rules in order to manage efficiently your portfolio .

Set a goal for yourself

Do you want to receive a fixed amount on a regular basis? Do you wish to see your capital grow to secure your future and the future of your children?
Do you want to be able to have immediate access to your money or can you invest your savings on a  long-term basis? With the help of your financial advisor and by answering similar questions, you would be able to make the most appropriate investment choices.

Do not get into debt

The main goal of every investor in the stock market is to realize long-term capital gain and receive dividends. It is strongly recommended that money invested in the stock exchange should be exclusively funded by your savings.

Set long-terms goals

Stock market statistics throughout the world proved that investing in the stock market is always profitable over the long run.
However, in order to maximize your revenues , it is necessary to understand that the holding period can be extremely unstable depending on the type of investment chosen.
Never forget that time is the best ally of performance.

Invest steadily

In order to construct a portfolio, one needs to invest steadily. It is preferable not to invest your capital in one lump sum, but rather in regular installments so that you can benefit from market fluctuations. Do not forget that for a given amount, you will be buying a larger number of shares when share prices are lower.

Diversify your portfolio

Do not concentrate all your investments on the same sector. Your portfolio must include different securities in order to benefit from opportunities in several different business areas and diversify your risks.
Concentrate initially on four or five stocks to familiarize yourself with the functioning of the stock market and the stakeholders.

Accept the risks

The decision to buy shares on the stock market exposes you to changes in the prices of shares, which can rise or decline.
Therefore, you take a risk by investing in the stock market. Besides, the higher the risk, the higher the expected return.
Performance can be considered as reward for the level of risk taken.

Do not panic

Stock market investing is a matter of keeping one’s head. Well-informed investors and market professionals are more likely to sell during periods of strong performance (to realize capital gains in line with their objectives) and to buy when share prices decrease.

Be well-informed

Investing in the stock market is in a way guessing the future. It is therefore essential to collect a maximum of information about stocks – the company’s business activity, results, business plan etc. – to be in a position of making the right decision. Thus, it is highly recommended to be up to date when it comes to current stock market developments either by asking your financial advisor or by consulting the various specialized media.

Speak to professionals

In order to respect all the rules of stock market investment, one needs to speak to professionals. They will guide you according to your financial situation and investment objectives. They will thereby make sure you have all the information you need to be successful.



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