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Last modified date : 12/04/2019


Under its responsibilities and missions, the Casablanca Stock Exchange has set a clear and ambitious vision of its goals :

Objective 1 : To assist in the country’s economic development

 To help finance the country’s economic development as much as possible by bringing together investors and issuers.

Objective 2 : To meet the needs of market operators

 To provide investors and market operators with a modern, liquid and transparent market;

 To offer high-quality services to our customers – operators, issuers and investors.

Objective 3 : To develop the stock market

 To consolidate and accelerate the growth of the stock market

Objective 4 : To be ranked amongst the leading stock markets in Africa

 As the third largest stock exchange in Africa, to close the gap on the leading two and become leader in West Africa ;

 To adopt the Best International Practices in terms of organization and market.



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